Our Introduction to the German Shepherd Dog

By Dr. Robin R. Lyle

The ownership of my first German Shepherd Dog occurred out of necessity. I had beenappointed by The Salvation Army as the Principal and Administrator of the School for the Blindand Visually Handicapped Children in Kingston, Jamaica in August 1992. The school occupiesapproximately 12 acres in the Havendale section of the city. The compound is comprised of an
administrative block, a classroom block, separate compounds for male and female students, adeaf-blind unit, as well as, a kitchen/dining hall and numerous smaller buildings. When Iarrived in my new appointment, the school was experiencing a rash of unauthorizedindividuals who would enter the property and steal anything of value from fruit and vegetablesbeing grown for the school’s consumption to the students’ laundry as it was placed on clotheslines to air and dry.

Beauty 1995 Kingston, Jamaica

I purchased my first GSD, a young dog puppy, locally-bred and registered through theJamaica Kennel Club. “Brutus” would become the first of a number of GSDs purchased toprovide protection for our compound and discourage thieves from entering the property. Needless to say, the occurrences of thief diminished rapidly and become non-existent in amatter of months once my GSDs were introduced onto the compound. Not long after thepurchase of Brutus, I was introduced to a breeder of GSDs whom I became a close friend. Ipurchased several puppies from Mr. Hughlet Charles and eventually used his dog, Ch. Kimboof Hychas, to breed to an adult bitch I had purchased. Among this very first litter, born under the kennel name of “Gailin,” was a very promisingdog that I named Alex the Great of Gailin. Alex won the Best Locally Bred Puppy Award and Ireceived the Breeder of the Best Locally Bred Puppy Award in one of Alex’s first shows inNovember 1994. Alex continued to be shown in the German Shepherd Club specialty shows(two per year) and the Jamaica Kennel Club all-breed shows (two per year). Alex was shownunder a number of judges including Percy Elliott of England, Freddie Christensen of Norway,Fred Lanting and Ralph Ambrosio. These shows featured a rather large entry of dogs, normally about 50. Another helpfulelement was the judge’s critique for each dog which was published with the show results inthe club’s newsletter.

Alex the Great of Gailin

During my four years (1992 – 1996) in Jamaica, I bred and showed both GSDs and DobermanPinchers. I was a member of the Executive and Journal Committees of the Jamaica KennelClub in 1995 -1996. As I prepared to return to the USA in June of 1996, I contemplated sellingAlex in Jamaica and purchasing a show quality puppy once I arrived home. I spoke to RalphAmbrosio, as he judged Alex’s last show in Jamaica in April 1996, and inquired if he could helpfind a suitable puppy for me once I returned home. He encouraged me to return to the USAwith Alex and show him. At that point in time, Alex (picture on right) had earned 13 points toward his JamaicanChampionship (15 points necessary). This was the course of action which I took. Alex wasshown in the USA and won Winners Dog in three different all-breed shows. I lost Alex severalyears ago; but without a doubt, one of the best decisions I ever made was to bring Alex backto the USA. A special thanks to Ralph Ambrosio.

In 2000, I purchased a bitch puppy, Signore Amber’s Lucia Mia, locally for my son who at that time was a college student at the University of Maine. In 2004, he bred that bitch to “Dallas.” I joined the Northern New Jersey German Shepherd Dog Club, Jason joined the German Shepherd Dog Club of Southern New Hampshire, and we both belong to the German Shepherd Dog Club of America.

Lucia Mia has been retired and is the home protection system for Jason in New Hampshire. Lucia Mia’s daughter (from the Dallas litter) is now the foundation bitch for the Lyloak kennel.

Jason Lyle 2016